Tig Welding ( tungsten inert gas) + Mig Welding (metal active gas welding) on various metals including: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Brass

Plasma Cutting + Oxy-Acytelene Torch Cutting

Patinated Metal Finishes and Sealers

Metal Bending and Hand Forging Capabilities

Grinding and Surface Blending


One on One design programming to establish project scope and budget requirements.

Site Visit and In-Home consultations to gather measurements and information to help develop sketches, drawings, and renderings.

Programs Include: SketchUp, AutoCad, Adobe Suites, 3DsMax


All sculptural artwork is produced by Matthew Maher, unless otherwise noted.

This is where fabrication and design are blended with imaginations to create sculptural fine art.

Commissions Available Upon Request.

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