Metal Finishes  

Designing with metal opens up all types of opportunities to create that WOW factor in your space! The new line of Mojo Metal Finishes are carefully crafted with a variety of chemical formulas and techniques on Steels and Alloys that are suitable for Interior and Exterior applications. Whether it's an accent wall, fire place, or custom door, Mojo Metal Finishes offer a versatile product that is fabricated, patina'd and installed by the Mojo team. To learn more about the process, check out  the latest projects and our sample list below!


Latest Projects 


Interior Theater Door

Material: Cold Rolled Steel

Patina Name: "Goldilocks"

Project Description: Three equally spaced steel panels fabricated and secured to a solid wood door measuring 96" x 36" x 2". Around the perimeter of each panel,  flat head steel rivets are hand set 2-1/2" apart. Sealed with an matte acrylic lacquer to preserve the metal and reduce glare. 



Material: Cold Rolled Steel

Patina Name: "Vintage Brown"

Project Description: Five separate wall panels clad the exterior of the fireplace measuring 120" x 66" x 13". Vertical hemmed seams create a smooth transition between panels which are accented with domed head aluminum rivets spaced 1.5" apart. The "Vintage Brown" patina creates an organic modeled pattern that creates a beautiful movement of browns and, grays, and blacks. Sealed with a satin acrylic lacquer. 


Barn Door 

Material: Zinc Plated Steel

Patina Name: "Dark and Stormy" 

Project Description: Custom sliding barn door measuring 120" x 36" x 1.5".  A tubular steel framework creates the hidden structure of the door while the patina'd Zinc steals the show. A satin finish 1.5" x 1.5" trim band follows the perimeter of the door accented by flat head steel rivets spaced 6" apart on center. 


Summer Kitchen Vent Hood 

Material: Zinc Plated Steel

Patina Name: "Dark and Stormy" 

Project Description: Zinc Plated Steel with "Dark and Stormy" metal finish. Fabricated for a seamless fit and installed using industrial strength adhesives to the framing substrate. Sealed with a clear acrylic urethane suitable for exterior applications. 


Copper Gate

Material: Copper Sheet

Patina Name: "Leaf Print" 

Project Description: Split Leaf Philodendron leaves were used to create a transfer of color onto the copper in a random collage of sizes and shapes. Hand bent steel house number floating off the copper give layers of dimension to the piece. Secured using stainless fasteners and sealed with an oil rub finish.